Our Curriculum


  • We are using Innovation Curriculum and this complete curriculum focuses on
  • How teachers can encourage, facilitate, and stimulate children’s learning and growth.
  • Explaining and supporting the major developmental tasks of preschoolers, including adjusting to school, making friends, exploring roles, communicating, problem-solving, and expressing feelings.
  • Responding to children’s interests is at the heart of emergent curriculum
  • Focuses on seven critical components that contribute to a successful preschool program: Observation/Assessment Tools, Developmental Tasks, Experiences and Activities, Interactive Experiences, Child Development Theory, The Classroom Environment and Family Participation and Involvement.
  • We are the only preschool program that using GEMS curriculum. GEMS is a growing resource for the advancement of inquiry-based science and mathematics. GEMS guides and pedagogical handbooks can serve as a strong support to the National Science Education Standards and other leading benchmarks and guidelines, as well as multiple states an district standards, and the curriculum standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

GEMS activities put into effective practice the inquiry-based approach called for in these documents. GEMS units can be closely correlated to the major areas of content and process knowledge and skills outlined in national and state standards. GEMS guide that focus on math provide excellent opportunities for students to explore the major mathematics strands articulated by the NCTM and leading math educators.

  • Giraffe Kids Academy, we offer Character Education to our kids. They will enjoy puppet show to give stories about specific character of months, sing a song and learn a poet every month. Because students spend so much time in school, our schools offer a critically important opportunity to ensure that all students get the support and help they need to reach their full potential. Schools that embrace character education become places people want to be because they bring out the best in everyone.



Providing s healthy and safe environment is our number one priority.  Whether having no shoe policy to prevent germs in our infant rooms or electronic locks system, we put every effort to keep your child healthy and safe.

We have safe pick up/ drop off procedures. Entrance to a Giraffe Kids Academy is equipped with an electronic lock. All parents must know the PIN number to enter, A visitor listed as an authorized person to pick up a child must still show photo identification if the school director and/or associate do not know him/her. Our teachers are trained in first aid and CPR. Outdoor and indoor areas are checked daily for safety. Closed-circuit video monitoring is used.

We offer nutritious meals and snacks which meet and exceed CACFP requirements. Hand washing techniques are followed by our teachers to prevent spreading of germs.