Preschool Curriculum (Ages 3 years –young 4’s)

Preschool Curriculum

Ages 3 years –young 4’s

Three year olds are ready to explore!

Our curriculum channels the young explorer to discover the world around them, through hands on activities that are both teacher and child lead.  They continue to build on the concepts that were given to them in Toddlers and move on to new ideas to explore.  Phonics, handwriting and number concepts are a focus in the classroom to help prepare the children for their future academics.

They also learn healthy habits. From eating healthy to washing hands properly, to how to cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze and cough.

The children also learn socialization skills that will help them as they enter their Elementary years. Through their academic and play times they will learn to work together, follow directions, share, take turns and to take responsibility for their actions.

Skills and concepts that are focused on are –


Language Development & Early Literacy

Phonological Awareness

Numbers 1 – 20


Counting & Sorting

Positional Concepts

One-to-One Correspondence



Graphing & Problem Solving

Independent Thinking

Healthy Habits

Small/Large Muscle


Dramatic Play

Creative Expression



Compliant with National Association for the Education of the Young Child