Admission Process

ADMISSION REQUIREMENT:  If your child does not attend pre-kindergarten or school away from the child-care operation, one of the following must be presented when your child is admitted to the child-care operation or within one week of admission.

Please check only one option:

1.    HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONAL’S STATEMENT:  I have examined the above named child within the past year and find that he / she is able to take part in the day care program.

Health Care Professional’s Signature
2.     A signed and dated copy of a health care professional’s statement is attached.
3.    Medical diagnosis and treatment conflict with the tenets and practices of a recognized religious organization, which I adhere to or am a member of; I have attached a signed and dated affidavit stating this.
4.    My child has been examined within the past year by a health care professional and is able to participate in the day care program.  Within 12 months of admission, I will obtain a health care professional’s signed statement and will submit it to the child-care operation.
Name and address of health care professional: