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Being a parent is always busy and memories are easily lost without a convenient way to record them. Capture moments and memories that would normally be fleeting. Big or small, your child’s special moments are too precious to forget.

Giraffe Kids Academy is a provider subscribes to HiMama you’ll receive updates on your child’s activities to your email and smartphone – everything from health and nutrition to learning and development.

We treat every child as unique, providing them with individual attention on their personal development path. With HiMama digital childcare daily reports solution was designed by early childhood educators and childcare operations directors to be quicker than existing documentation methods and intuitive for all staff to use which means more time with the kids.

We know you, our parents, are often busy when dropping off and picking up your kids from Giraffe Kids Academy. By complementing face-to-face communications with real time picture updates and digital daily reports, we will be bridge the gap between learning that happens in our program and learning at home.
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