Why Giraffe Kids?

American Sign Language (ASL) has a place in early childhood classrooms with hearing children for many reasons. First of all, by using correct ASL and teaching children about deafness and Deaf culture, we can help children accept and appreciate differences between people

Secondly, early childhood is an ideal time to begin sign language instruction. Young children are ready for language instruction. Young children are ready for language learning. When children use sign language while learning letters of the alphabet and words, this early literacy learning is enhanced. Child development specialist Jean Piaget tells us that movement is true language of childhood. Signing addresses young children’s need to use their bodies while learning.

Furthermore, as early childhood teachers we know that children learn in different ways. ASL allows a teacher to present information visually and through hand and body movements and gives children additional ways to understand what they are being taught. Children benefit from being able to process information with all of their senses.

All of this sound fantastic, and you probably cannot wait to get stared. But where do you begin?

We, Giraffe Kids Academy, have successfully incorporated sign language into our programs. The children in our classrooms have the opportunity to learn a new language, understand a different culture, express themselves in a unique way, and learn with all of their senses.


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