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Giraffe Kids Academy's Contactless Guide

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses everywhere are adapting to become as contactless as possible. In a hands-on environment like a childcare center, this can seem nearly impossible; however, there are many things that Giraffe Kids Academy do to help minimize risk — especially in their interactions with parents. 

Contactless Billing - Payments

Brightwheel provides parents with the simplest payment experience in early childhood education. Brightwheel makes it easy for parents to quickly see what they’re being charged for and make a payment.

Giraffe Kids Academy puts parents in control. You can change payment methods whenever you want instead of having to submit paperwork to your school. Parents can initiate payments and make a payment for any amount - both less than or greater than the current balance. You can also easily print statements or all of their account activity between specified dates for reimbursement purposes. This can even be done from your mobile app!

Separated Classrooms

It can be nearly impossible to keep things 100% contactless within the classroom, which is why Giraffe Kids Academy take the separated classrooms approach. Each classroom is considered one group or family that stays together each day, meaning that the children and teacher assignments never change. When navigating throughout the facility, only one group is allowed in a space at a time, whether this is in a classroom, hallway, or playground, which prevents children interacting with those outside of their group.

Contactless Communications

During the day, instead of sending home a paper daily report, a digital one through Brightwheel app. This way, there’s no paper being handled that may become a health risk. The same also apply for our other communications like memos or forms. Parents and teachers are always able contact with one and other.

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