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Say “Yes” More Than “No”

Here is suggestion guaranteed to decrease your child’s questioning, tantrumming, and demanding behavior. The tip is to say “yes” more often than “no”. This doesn’t mean that you turn decision making over to your child. It simply means that you tell your child that he or she can “do” more things than he or she “can’t do.” For example, when your child asks for a cookie before supper, tell him or her, “Yes, you can have a cookie right after we eat dinner.”

Often, we try too hard to make every interaction a teaching and learning experience.

We want our children to understand that cookies spoil appetites. Explanations are appropriate. They tell our children that we have valid reasons for our limits and rules. But, they often lead to conflict needs to know that you are in touch with his or her desires. Tell your child often that he or she will get what he or she wants, and when.

The lesson learned is that your child can wait to get what he or she wants – a powerful lesson in delaying gratification that will serve your child well.

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